buy Citodon in Sweden




buy Citodon in Sweden

Citodon is an analgesic (painkiller), which is used for moderate to severe pain of various kinds, for example in herniated discs, endometriosis, postoperative pain, after bone fractures and more. The active substances are codeine (codeine phosphate hemihydrate, 15-60 mg / tablet; a morphine derivative which can make Citodon addictive) and paracetamol (350-1000 mg / tablet). Codeine is metabolized in the body to morphine. Analgesic (analgesic) effect is achieved after half to an hour. Concomitant use of alcohol should be avoided. The drug is classified as a drug according to Swedish law and a special prescription form is required. Prior to 2006, the packaging was fitted with a so-called warning triangle.

buy Citodon in Sweden

Citodon can work differently on different people. In most patients, Citodon has a predicted effect, but about 11 percent of the population lacks the enzyme necessary for codeine to be metabolized to morphine, and in these the medicine has little effect. So-called ultra – fast metabolizers that receive double or multiple sets of the enzyme are very rare, but do occur. In these patients, Citodon has a stronger effect than normal, and patients can then receive a lower dose of the drug than normal but still receive the same degree of pain relief.

There are several variants of Citodon: “Citodon minor” (350 mg paracetamol anid 15 mg codeine) which is intended for use by children and adolescents, as well as “ Citodon ” (500 mg and 30 mg respectively) and “Citodon Forte” ( 1g respectively 60 mg), and then for people over 18 years.

buy Citodon in Sweden


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